No Truth To The Rumor
—CMR may have uncovered the identity of the journalist who attacked Pres. Busy today.

Can You Impeach The President-Elect?
—How do you throw a guy out of a fictional office?

The Perfect Attendance of Typhoid Mary
—I have given a name to my pain and it is “Perfect Attendance Anthony.”

Luxembourg’s Catholic Monarch
—Monarch stands up bravely against euthanasia and pays the price.

Save Al Gore!
—Our environmental hero is sacrificing himself this time unless we act now.

Retooning The Nativity
—The first Christmas may not be how you pictured it!

Being There Is All You Can Do
—The hardest lesson of my short career in parenting.

Creative Minority Reader

Good Kids See Santa, Naughty Ones See…
—This was just too cute not to put up.

This is Art?
—Disgraceful portrait surrounds Pope Benedict with rats.

Pay To Pray Scandal
—The scandal about to Rock Rome!

Public Millionaires — Secret Saints
—Fox show reveals the secret saints among us.

No Similarities Here
—What’s the difference between ransom and bailouts anyway?