We the…Who?
—California’s top law enforcement officer says gay marriage law must be overturned. Got it?

Are the U.S. Bishops Conservative?
—Washington Post forces religious peg into a secular hole.

Rick Warren On Homosexuality
—Rick and Ann sittin’ in a tree…

The Best Death Scenes
—I pick mine, you pick yours.

Charlie Brown’s Parents Arrested
—Neglect and child abandonment top the list of crimes.

NY Times Sees Old Church vs. New Church
—NY Times sees no difference between abortion and the armed forces.

Ah! Cappella!
—The Twelve Days of Christmas like you have never heard it before!

Ritual Sacrifices in Northeast?
—Bizarre remains lead to questions about occult.

Creative Minority Reader

The Death of A Good Death
—Why the quick and easy exit is not for me.

Time Mag Joins Trig Truthers
—Sarah Palin is still clearly enemy number one for the media.

Brit Hume: God, Granddaughters, Golf
—News anchor says he wants to spend his retirement studying the Bible.

The Hitler Cake
—Supermarket refuses to write “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” for three year old named Adolf Hitler.

Definition Of Insanity
—When it comes to sex ed promoters, I have the cure for what ails.