Satan: 2008 Was a Good Year For Me
—The dude with the pitchfork details his best year in memory.

A Book Worth Reading in 2009
—If you need a good read for the new year, DMac has the answer.

Of Wikipedia ,Hammers, and Candles
—Wikipedia censorship and shining a light in the darkness.

I Guess We Don’t Need God’s Help
—Atheist sues to remove “So help me God” from inauguration.

New York Times Loves Religion
—Times reports on study about the superior self control of the religious.

Idiots Love Rainbows
—The colorful symbol of hopeless halfwits.

Creative Minority Reader

Polygamists Sue to Redefine “Couple”
—How many more broken hearts will we accept for a narrow definition of the word ‘couple’?

Ex-Theme Makeover
—Do you like the new look? If not, who cares what you think?

Ban the Hokey-Pokey!
—I’m trying to work up some retroactive feelings of shock.