Shhh. Don’t tell anyone about this. But here’s the plan to bankrupt Planned Parenthood.

You know the “conscience rule” which is scheduled to take effect tomorrow, on President Bush’s last day in office. According to the rule, doctors can refuse to take part in certain medical procedures, abortions for examples, if said procedures are against their religious beliefs or moral convictions.

A bunch of states are suing because they think conscience should play no role in anybody’s actions, I guess. But if it’s upheld here’s the plan to take down Planned Parenthood.

I say we all go to medical school and become doctors, get hired by Planned Parenthood, and then on our first day we’ll break the news to them that it’s against our religion to administer birth control or perform abortion. AND THEY CAN’T FIRE US…unless they catch us making long distance calls from the break room.

I’m not sure yet how we’ll get the money for medical school but this is the age of Obama. We’ll all apply for grants or something.

Planned Parenthood will go broke and that’ll be some kind of victory, right? Sure. That is, until they get a bailout from Obama and Congress passes it.

But wait, that’s when Part two of my ingenious plan kicks in. Then we’ll all go to Law school and become millionaires who run for office, get elected, and vote against the bailout.

It’s all so simple.

Please don’t call because I think they’re bugging my phones but please donate mad amounts of cash to CMR to implement this plan or sign up in the combox. First, I’ve got to find somebody to watch my five children. And I’ll probably need some tutors too.