So this must be the new age of bipartisanship everyone’s talking about. The only thing Obama left out was the Touchdown Shuffle. Now, just imagine yourself that George W. Bush had said this to congressional Democrats. The screams of indignation from the media about his cockiness and partisanship would be unceasing. But the media seems to be suffering a fit of giggles over this.

According to The Politico:

President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning – but he also left no doubt about who’s in charge of these negotiations. “I won,” Obama noted matter-of-factly, according to sources familiar with the conversation.

First, note that according to the media, Republicans have “gripes” with Obama’s plans while Democrats always had “grave concerns” over Bush’s plans.

I must tell you that for me, Obama’s presidency is not getting off to a great start. His handling of the media and now this makes him seem like a bully -which I fear is exactly what he really is.