So lots of folks out there are pretty disturbed by a UFO attending the Inaugural. CMR thinks there are several reasonable explanations:

10) They were actually looking for Dennis Kucinich but he was wearing his tinfoil hat so he couldn’t be reached.

9) They had a fee-vah and the only cure was Hopenchange.

8) They were aiming their “Lower your Enemies IQ” ray-gun at Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. (I think they got a direct hit)

7) Obama is really an alien that was born 47 years ago but they didn’t want to be punished with a baby so they dropped him off…in Kenya. (What? You thought that wouldn’t come up?)

6)They had seen pictures of Obama and thought a Vulcan was being made President. (We think it had something to do with the ears.)

5) They were really ticked that Sarah Palin wasn’t invited and were considering blowing up D.C. in retaliation. (What? You think they’re immune to her charms?)

4) They were confused about what Obama meant about immunity for aliens.

3) They’d heard media reports that 2 million people attended the Inauguration. The aliens were simply looking for the invisible 1 million.

2) They were circling low to shoot their “leg-tingle” ray at the media. (Direct hit)

1) Like the rest of us, they just couldn’t wait to see what Michelle would wear.

Bonus Reason: After a late night of partying, they were dropping off Henry Waxman for his Walk of Shame.