We keep being told that this White House transition has been seamless. Every misstep and lie they’re caught in is referred to as a “hiccup” by the media, telling us that it’s not a big deal. Move along. Nothing to see here.

US News: Hiccup for Obama: Richardson Abandons Bid for Cabinet Post Amid Investigation.


It’s more common that someone making six, seven figures to have a few hiccups with the IRS than people know…”

Daily Orange:

Save for a hiccup during his oath of office, President Barack Obamaís transition to the White House has been fairly seamless. Sure, there has been some controversy over certain appointments, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Washington Times:

So far, Mr. Gibbs has had a few hiccups but has been pretty calm and smooth behind the podium.

But in looking over the past few weeks of the “smoothest transition ever,” we may just be seeing the worst case of hiccups ever.

– Governor Rod Blagojevich caught trying to sell Obama’s Senate Seat. Obama denied having any interaction with the Governor and then retracted, saying he misspoke. (normal people call it a lie) Hiccup!

– Gov. Bill Richardson, who was nominated by Obama to be his Commerce Secretary, was forced to drop out due to an ongoing corruption investigation. Hiccup!!

– Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary didn’t pay his taxes. Hiccup!!!

– Obama’s nominee for HHS, Tom Daschle, didn’t pay his taxes and was forced to pull out of consideration. Hiccup!!!!

– Obama’s nominee for Chief Performance Officer (sounds made up but it isn’t) didn’t pay her taxes either. Hiccup!!!!!

– Obama preached bipartisanship but when it came time to talk with Republicans he imperiously performed an end zone dance by declaring, “I won.” Hiccup!!!!!!

– Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says “ohm” more than a Yoga master. Hiccup!!!!!!

– Obama swore not to allow any lobbyists in his administration. Well, he lied. Hiccup!!!!!!!!

– Obama gives his first television interview to Al Arabyia and proceeds to blame America for everything. Hiccup!!!!!!!!!

– Obama sends a love note to crazy/murderer/terrorist/dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad which, surprising nobody but Obama, instigated the crazy/murderer/terrorist/dictator to declare victory and call America weak. Hiccup!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say to the Obama administration is “Go get a glass of water.”