Ave Maria University Chapel to Get Monumental Sculpture
—Using the church as a sort of giant screen for a marble drive-in movie isn’t really the best approach.

Planned Parenthood Thanks Sarah Palin
—Boy, they really hate her.

—Atheist uses plane crash victims to make a point that there is no God.

Please, Please Get Another Architect!
—The people of the west coast deserve better than this.

Oh No! Today Was Picture Day
—A mishap, a spectacle, and a cautionary tale all in one.

Rabbi: Libs Are Mishegoss
—Orthdox Rabbi says left wingers trying to destroy the Church.

Creative Minority Reader

Priest Calls Fidel Castro a Saint?
—A tale of two reactions.

12 Year Old Pro-Lifer Speaks Out. Wow!
—O.K. After Sarah serves two terms and then Jindal, let’s run this girl for President.

Joe the Plumber or Julio the Burger Flipper?
—Make your choice.