Save confession, save the world.

I have oft complained about the lack of availability of confession. I think that in every diocese the should be at least one place or places, within driving distance of anywhere in the diocese, where confessions are always available. No appointments. No Saturday between 4:30-4:45. No, at least 7am until 10pm there should be a priest sitting in a confessional. I know this is tough these days with priests as stretched as they are, but I think the spiritual fruits would be impressive. Decisive.

In the diocese of New York they are going it one better, if only for a day, there will be 24hrs of confession at 20 Manhattan parishes March 6-7.

[Catholic Culture] Round-the-clock confessions will be heard at parishes in New York on March 6 and 7, in a campaign designed to bring lay Catholics back to the sacrament at the beginning of Lent. The “24 Hours of Confession” initiative will begin on Friday morning and conclude on Saturday morning, with priests available during most times at more than 20 Manhattan parishes. Mario Bruschi, who helped organize the event through the young-adults ministry at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, said: “Thousands upon thousands of Catholics line-up to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday each year…imagine if these same thousands of Catholics line-up for confession?”

I have thought for many years, if we would just push confession with everything we had, talk about, advertise it, and promote repent-a-palooza such as this it would go a long way toward the restoration. Confession is the key.

So, if you are in New York on March 6-7, get thee to a confessional and pray for long lines.