The Million Snowman March
—Some weekend silliness.

Awesome Virtual Tour of Beautiful Church
—360 degrees of holy.

Priest Compares Self to Jesus, UFO Cult Rallies To his Cause
—You know you’re not having a good day when the UFO cult is on your side.

—24 hour confession in the Big Apple. A good start.

Killing? Rape? Fine. But No Smoking!
—Hollywood is mad.

Laura Ingraham: Life Is Sacred Duty
—Say’s the Pope made clear the cafeteria is closed!

CMR’s 8 Weekly Signs of the Apocalypse
—A brand new feature very unlike any other feature.

Creative Minority Reader

Williamson Gets The Boot – From Argentina
—The Al Sharpton of the SSPX gets kicked out of Argentina.

Old School Funny
—I definitely had a drug problem.

Time Mag Mocks Church’s FOCA Stand
—Silly Church actually believed what Obama said about abortion? That’s just silly talk.