So Hollywood once again attacks Catholicism and one organization has the temerity to point it out. The Catholic League issues a press release pointing out the mistakes and outright lies being told about the Catholic Church in the upcoming movie “Angels and Demons.” That’s all.So let’s see how the press is reporting it:

Variety: “Catholic League to battle ‘Demons'”
Hundu: “Angels and Demons” under Catholic attack
UK Guardian: Catholic League targets Da Vinci Code prequel
Variety: “The Catholic League plans to do battle with the Ron Howard pic “Angels and Demons”
National Post: Catholic League denounces Angels and Demons

Isn’t the exact opposite of these headlines closer to the truth? Isn’t the one who instigates usually assigned the action verb? But in this case the defense itself is seen as the aggression. Hmmm. Wonder why?

I’m trying to think of some other incidents in history which maybe could be turned upside down in a similar way:

1939: Poland Shoots at Visiting Nazis.
2005: Jennifer Aniston Undermines Angelina Jolie’s Attempt at Relationship
33AD (Circa): Jesus Gives Pilate the Silent Treatment
1998: Kenneth Starr Has a Dirty Mind for Writing the Starr Report; Clinton Shocked (Oh wait, that was actually how the media really reported it at the time.)
64 AD: People Screaming “Fire!” Interrupts Nero’s Concert

Feel free to add your own headlines.