Why is it that revolutions in the name of the people mostly end up with lots and lots of dead people? Whether that is the price of doing business depends on whether they are your people?

President Obama’s new BFF Hugo Chavez is all about the people but he doesn’t like animals too much. Unfortunately Chavez now categorizes a whole group of people, the rich, as animals. Chavez said, “The rich are not human, they are animals in human form.” Yeah, it is usually not too long after this point that the bodies really start to pile up.

Here is the video in Spanish for those of you who want to see for yourselves.

Conservative Blogger and Catholic convert RightWingSparkle points us to a quote (via BoingBoing) from a Venezuelan who, after seeing this video, decided it is time to get out of Dodge.

I decided to leave Venezuela soon, if I can, when I saw this. Dehumanizing a group of people is certainly in the manual to start genocide and living in a country where officially a portion of the population are not human by decree is against my ideals. I can live with crime, bad public health and even scarcity, but to live with this crap is not acceptable, even with all the basic needs covered. Yes, I might be too sensitive, but I cannot forget all those other times and places where dehumanizing has brought woes.”

Of course, our socialists here are much nicer than those in the banana republics. We kill our non-human humans when they are much smaller and before they can leave the country. Power to the people.