They finally did it. The media piled on so many mentions of “Hitler Youth” into their “objective” news stories at such an obscene rate that they actually broke our expensive machinery and sent shards of little Hitler pieces all over the blog. Eck.

When we first put together the Hitler Youth-o-Meter out of fly paper, cardboard, plutonium and peanut butter we maxed it out at 600 mentions of “Hitler Youth” thinking there couldn’t possibly be more mentions of it in stories about Pope Benedict’s visit. After one day we quickly had to reconstruct it to fit 1,500 and then again we stretched it out to measure 2,000. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe it would go past that.

But thanks to the bumbling Vatican Press office and an anti-papacy press, the mentions of “Hitler Youth” are now exceeding 2,700. I must say that the media has surprised even me with how shameless they are in attempting to attack Pope Benedict XVI.

Congratulations to the press for finding a new low just when we thought it was impossible. And they wonder why they’re going out of business.

Now who’s going to clean up this mess?