The recent murder by James Von Brunn is putting the national focus on one fringe discriminatory organization that has operated in the shadows way too long.

Just as one lone nutjob seemingly discredited the entire pro-life movement recently, so too does Von Brunn’s connection with Mensa tar all smart people.

Mensa is a secretive group that discriminates against 98 percent of the people as their only requirement for membership is that one scores at or above the 98th percentile on standardized IQ tests.

Von Brunn’s attachment with Mensa leads many to believe that the group is out of control even though there’s been no reported violence from other Mensa members in recent memory.

One Mensa member who asked to remain anonymous said, “It’s not our fault. This was one person acting alone. It’s not like all smart people want all you “little brains” dead. Oh that’s what we call you behind your back.”

The Department of Homeland Security quickly issued a report saying that although this seems to be a random act of violence by one man, it could be indicative of the whole organizations and is now adding “nerds” to the list to be closely monitored by Homeland Security.

DHS said smart people have attacked before. This is not an isolated incident. Ted Kaczynski, who was reportedly a genius but who lived in filth and got caught, killed people as well.

President Obama attempted to soothe the tension with a statement, “However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as intelligence, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.”

But the Department of Justice said they believe that because one person with ties to Mensa committed a murder on a non-Mensa member, it’s advisable to offer federal protection to all non-members of Mensa who request it.

Some organizations including bowling leagues have asked the federal government to ensure that smart people aren’t allowed within fifty feet of bowling alleys. The federal government is going to look into such regulations. “Us morons need protection,” said one blogger and bowling aficionado Patrick Archbold. “Oh and I like hot dogs.”

One can expect the media to exhaust themselves with stories on Von Brunn’s connection to the fringe organization in coming days.