Conspiracy theories. Don’t like ’em.

Kennedy, grassy knoll. Nope, don’t buy it. Lone crazy commie did it.

MLK. Nope. James Earl Ray did it. (btw I am convinced that MLK would be a conservative today)

Jimmy Carter. No big rabbit, Billy spiked the punch.

Vince Foster. Nope. Clinton didn’t have it in him. No no. Hillary either. Moving on.

9/11 Truthers. Please.

Iraq invasion. We, along with everyone else, blew it on WMDs.

Obama was born…in the USA. Sorry Kenya. Actually, congrats Kenya.

Obama wrote his book “Dreams of my father”…. ummm.

Yeah. Sorry. I don’t think Obama wrote it alone. Bill Ayers helped. This is one conspiracy theory I think is actually true.

I am not going to sit here and defend my position. It is my opinion. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. You do the research. But I am telling you, Obama did not write the book alone.

Lemme be clear. I don’t intend to defend my position at all. I like the Mets, the Giants, and the Rangers. I don’t like the Phillies, the Redskins, or the Flyers. You don’t agree, tough. Opinions are like that.

So too the Obama ghostwriter. I may be wrong but I am solid in my wrongness.

So let me have it. I am ready. But before you do let me say one thing. You should hear Matthew’s opinions on Bigfoot, the chupacabra, and the Montauk monster. Just sayin’.