Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! Ha! That’s the best thing that could’ve happened. Four people called me this morning and all of them were laughing about it. The best part is that the votes were in by February 1st which means that Obama was in office less than two weeks when the Peace Prize committee voted. This is the biggest joke ever. I’m loving it.

Update: Essentially, the only thing President Obama did before the vote was taken was he reversed the Mexico City Policy to allow the funding to international abortion providers. Does funding the death of babies from other countries merit a peace prize? Just wondering.

The other thing Obama did which could’ve caught the Nobel folks’ attention was he announced the closing of Gitmo within a year. Now, of course, he’s since pushed that deadline away (btw, he blamed Bush.) I’m wondering if the Peace Prize folks feel a little burned about him not making good on that promise.

Update II: This award could do one of two things. It could give cover to Obama to listen to his General and increase the amount of troops in Afghanistan and if anyone criticizes him he could just keep pointing to the Peace Prize. Or the Peace prize might lock him in to only halfheartedly fighting the war in Afghanistan because he feels that he has to live up to the award.

Update III: Hey, remember it was only a few months ago that Arizona State University said it was too early in Obama’s Presidency to offer him an honorary degree. Ha!

Update IV: This awarding is the keystone of liberalism, rewarding intentions over results.

Hot Air has more. And we’ll update later.