Be a part of the hottest new game show in the blogosphere. NAME THAT CATHOLIC? There are no parting gifts, no models, no anything. It’s just you guessing which Catholic said this quote? (Hint: the person who said this is dead):

The issue was between two forces. On the one hand was the instinct which we all have within us, that Europe is Catholic, must live as Catholic, or must die; that in the anarchic religious rebellion was peril of death to our art, our culture, to that from which they proceed, our religious vision. On the other had arisen an intense, fierce, increasing hatred against the Mass, the Blessed Sacrament, the whole transcendental scheme; a hatred such that all who felt it were in spite of a myriad differences, in common alliance. That hatred fed upon an original popular indignation against the corruption of the clergy, and especially against their financial claims. But that hatred was far older than any such late medieval trouble; it was as old as the presence of the Catholic Church in this world.

So go ahead. Name that Catholic!

Answer: It’s Belloc! Congrats to those who got it right.