A San Juan woman is under arrest. What did she do?

I warn you this is horrible so you may want to just skip this story.

a mother-to-be took Xanax that she’d allegedly gotten without a prescription from Mexico. She intentionally took a lot in order to induce early labor. One side effect of Xanax is, I guess, abortion. So when the baby was aborted due to the Xanax the woman attempted to flush the baby but the aborted baby was too large. She called the police, I guess, because she was bleeding. So in order to hide the baby, the couple wrapped the baby in Christmas wrapping paper and put it under the Christmas tree where police found the aborted baby.

And what’s the charge, according to news sources like Action4 News and Spero? Illegal use of prescription drugs, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence.

Don’t they all seem just a little beside the point?

Anyone who reads this knows that something awful happened but our culture is so bent that we have to file charges that skirt around the main issue that there was a baby killed.

Sorry if this spoils your day. But I warned you this one was bad.