There’s bad news and good news for all the aging hippie rucksack wandering Dharma bum pro-choice types. First. Hold on to your sandals ’cause here’s the bad news. You might remember that last year a Gallup poll found that for the first time more Americans considered themselves pro-life than pro-choice. That came as such a shock that it made you run your fingers nervously through your gray pony tail.

I know. You haven’t been that shocked since you heard that Dennis Hopper was a Republican. But it’s like reality man. (A little hippie lingo for you.) I know it’s shocking that the segment of the population who don’t kill their young are growing in number but hey, that’s math. It’s reality and I know you’ve done your best to ignore that for a while.

But now an interesting poll came out recently from Gallup showing that much of the gain for pro-lifers came from…wait for it…the young. Wait! Don’t reach for the brown acid to tune me out yet.

Here’s the numbers: In 1990 36 percent of 18-29 year olds said abortion should be legal under any circumstance. But now only 24 percent of 18-29 year olds believe that abortion should be legal under any circumstance.

And those in the same age group who believe that abortion should be illegal under any circumstance rose from 14% – 23%.

So despite Newsweek’s worry that the marchers at the March for Life were just too old to be marching and asking “where are the young, vibrant women” it seems the March for Life will be all stocked up and ready to go for many years.

In fact, the Population Research Institute found that the hundreds of thousands of people who walk in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., are getting younger every year, says the Christian Post.

So remember all the times you said “Don’t trust anyone over 30?” Well they don’t. Many of the young have rejected your socialist necropolis utopian dream.

This is all bad news for you hippie types but before you hop on the cell phone to score a dime bag to wipe out all these negative waves, remember I promised you some good news too.

The good news for all you aging hippie pro-choicers is a little ironic in that all those young pro-lifers likely don’t believe in euthanizing our old people like you do so even though you did your best to wipe out the next generation they’ll actually be the ones caring for you. I just wonder if you’ll still call them narrow minded religious bigots then or will you finally do the right thing and just say “Thank you.”