Unsure about whether the Stupak deal for an Executive Order was a good one or just meaningless political cover? Here is all you need to know. Senators Ben Nelson and Bob Casey think it was a splendid idea.

National Review

Sen. Robert Casey (D., Pa.), an abortion critic, tells NRO that President Obama’s decision to issue an executive order on abortion in order to win the vote of pro-life House Democrats was “a dramatic development” that “strengthens” Obamacare’s support for life. “We can debate whether it was necessary, in light of what we did in the Senate bill (on abortion), which I thought was very strong, but if this helps to clarify things, then all the better.” The Democratic party, he adds, “always will, and should be strong enough” to welcome pro-life politicians into its ranks.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D., Neb.), the last holdout over the Senate health-care bill’s abortion language, tells NRO that he sees Stupak’s executive order as something “made in good faith, at the very least” but “unnecessary.” He adds that he would “absolutely” be comfortable if it was never issued, since he believes the Senate’s language is enough. “It is a good faith showing by the administration that it doesn’t plan to change. That’s helpful.”

Snakes of a feather and all that. Yes, the Senate language was strong enough even though every abortion organization in the country is thrilled with it and have even been caught on video acknowledging that it merely an accounting scheme that does not to stop federally funded abortions.

The Executive Order is an Execution Order cosigned by Stupak, Nelson, and Casey.

We will remember.