The Consecration of Mary Glasspool as an Episcopal bishop on Saturday was incredible. They had odes to Mother Earth, random pagan rituals, a smudging ceremony to increase their relationship to plants or something, a smidge of ancestor Worship thrown in, and don’t forget the dancing Girls. And, of course, there’s guitars. There’s always guitars.

And by the way there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of Jesus at least in the first hour or so that I saw.

You can see the video here.

AFP reports:

A 56-year-old lesbian was ordained as a bishop by the Episcopal church here Saturday, reigniting an issue which has caused bitter divisions in the Anglican movement worldwide.

Mary Glasspool became only the second openly gay bishop to be consecrated by the Episcopal Church — the governing Anglican body in the United States — after Gene Robinson was ordained in 2003.

Glasspool was consecrated by the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles in a lunchtime ceremony attended by around 3,000 people at the Long Beach Arena, along with another woman priest, Diane Jardine Bruce.

You’ve got to see the video here. You really have to.

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