You know, I was interested in the new movie “Inception” but this kind of stuff makes it very difficult for me to watch this.

It’s not that I’m boycotting but when I know that the actors on screen look down on me and my way of life it bugs me and it spoils the illusion of movies. It’s the same reason why I can’t go see George Clooney anymore in the movies. It’s not that I’m trying to teach him a lesson by not going to his movies it’s just that I think he’s a jerk who looks down his nose at me. I don’t believe any of his characters. When I see him I just see that jerk who made fun of Charlton Heston’s Alzheimers.

Here you’ve got Ellen Page, the star of “Juno”, saying Palin needs some “compassion” and “holistic intelligence.” I don’t even know what holistic intelligence is. Dicaprio, on the other hand, is an environmentalist nutjob. Has been for a while. And if you ask me I just don’t see what he brings to the table acting wise. I just don’t see it. Dude wasn’t even good on Growing Pains.

Now you know that the makers of this movie who dumped $160 million into making this mind-bending movie have to be changing their underwear when their star alienates half the country by mocking Sarah Palin in such pretentious tones.

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