This is a news story coming out of the Philipinnes remarkable to me only to show what lengths we’ll go to in order to avoid truth…and yet it still comes out:

A garbage collector could not help but express his anger after discovering an 8-month-old fetus from garbage plastic bags in the Kamuning station of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) past Thursday midnight.

Jun Portis, a regular garbage collector in the MRT station, said he took the garbage bags from the second floor.

While pulling out garbage from the bag, Portis said he saw the fetus wrapped in plastic….

Senior Police Officer 2 Boy Trago, Quezon City police investigator, said that it was obvious that the baby was a victim of abortion.

Trago and other policemen brought the fetus to the police station

Three “fetus” mentions and one “baby” mention. They can’t even dignify the death of the child by calling it a baby. A HUMAN BABY!!!!! What’s so difficult about that?