Bad. Shouldn’t do things like this. Bad. Not Funny.

Ok, maybe a little funny.

I can see the comments now. “Patrick, are you advocating violence and vandalism?”

As a general rule, no.

It is a long drive from Kalispell, Montana to Denver. 690 miles to be exact. That is a lot of time in the car to think about the reason for your trip. If you are going to get in your car to to drive 690 miles, you better have a good reason for your trip. Kathleen Lorie Folden thought she had one.

Kathleen heard of an “art” exhibit in Denver. This piece of … ummm…”art” depicted Jesus engaged in a homosexual act. Kathleen thought to herself (I am mind paraphrasing here) “Oh no you didn’t. Not on my watch honey.”

So she put on her “tougher than nails” t-shirt and got in her truck. (I love that image) She drove the 690 miles to see the exhibit. She obtained her own art instruments, in this case a crowbar, and entered…

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