Just what kids need today -soft core porn on MTV. With some reckless drug use and violence thrown in for good measure. Guess the title? Skins. Ha! Could they be any more honest about how they’re enticing hormone fueled teens to tune in.

I can honestly say my kids don’t even know what MTV is but I know plenty o’ peeps that allow their kids to watch MTV.

Marcel Lejeune writes:

It is hard for a TV show to “push the boundaries” in our modern culture. What else is there to push? We have been bombarded with violence, sex, scandal, macabre / twisted stories, and more. Yet, producers continue to try to push because it creates buzz and buzz means more $$$. Don’t fool yourself, MTV doesn’t care a like about helping anyone but their investors and pocketbooks. So, I am not surprised to find out that they are pushing another sleazy show on our youth. But, what does surprise me is the level to which they have sunk this time.

What is it teenagers need? Is it MORE sex, drug abuse, irresponsible behavior, and license to do whatever they please? If so, then Skins is the show for them. If not, then it is time to do something. Here is a description from the NY Times on the show and the original in the UK:

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