President Obama today praised the “evolution” in human rights in China. Just minutes later, a blogger in Philadelphia pulled his hair out and banged his head on his keyboard until passing out.

Now that I woke up with a headache I’m wondering WHAT THE HECK IS OUR PRESIDENT TALKING ABOUT?!!!!!!!! Seriously, the President of the United States just praised one of the most brutally vicious totalitarian states the world’s ever seen. Yup, Obama talked about the evolution in human rights in China which drags women off the street and forcibly kills their unborn children, the China which imprisons Christians, the China that doesn’t allow any freedom of the press, and the China that doesn’t allow freedom of religion.

Weasel Zippers writes:

Obama sympathizes with a Communist regime’s human rights record, why am I not surprised? Must be the forced abortions.

(CNS News)- President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that there has been “evolution” in human rights in China over the last three decades, even though that country does not allow for freedom of the press or freedom of religion, continues to imprison political dissidents (notably Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo) and is run by the Communist Party.

“And I want to suggest that there has been an evolution in China over the last 30 years since the first normalization of relations between the United States and China,” Obama said. “And my expectation is that 30 years from now we will have seen further evolution and further change.”

It’s amazing what a few billion dollars in debt to a country can make a President say, huh?

I pray that the people of China don’t read Obama’s quotes. I pray that for those who hold a belief in their heart that somewhere there’s a country that’s better, that believes in freedom, that stands up for liberty. This quote today from the President of the United States will break the heart of many freedom lovers in China. As well as bloggers in Philadelphia.