So many news outlets have misreported about the new I-Phone app that Vatican spokesman has responded. This, of course, has prompted a whole new wave of media malpractice through mis-reporting.

For days, media outlets have reported that the new confession app for the I-Phone is intended to replace the priest, that you confess to your phone. Of course, that is completely false. The app is intended to draw people back top confession and to help them to prepare properly for the sacrament.

So many media outlets have mis-reported about the intent of the app that Vatican spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi, to say it is not a substitute for confession “”One cannot speak in any way of confessing via iPhone”

This, of course, has prompted a whole new wave of flagrant mis-reporting.

Vatican bans iPhone ‘God app’

The Vatican excommunicates the Confession iPhone App

Vatican bans confessional iPhone app

Vatican criticizes iPhone Confession app

And so on, and so on, and so on.

The creator of the app actually welcomed the Vatican statement.

Patrick Leinen, the developer of an iPhone application designed to help people prepare for the confession, welcomed a reminder by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi that the sacrament requires oral confession to a priest.

“This app is intended to help a person prepare for the sacrament of confession,” said Leinen. “It is not intended to function as a replacement for confession!”

But you won’t see that reported anywhere.

What other job other than reporter can you stink at so badly and still stay employed? (Besides gov’t employee?)

This media malpractice pure aand simple. The only open question for me, is it intentional?