This is the awesomeist story since awesome was invented. Democrats in Wisconsin, fleeing their responsibilities as legislators, have turned pathetic into comedy gold.

In order to flee a vote on a budget bill in the legislature to eliminate much of the collective bargaining power of unions, Dems jumped on a bus (when was the last time they did that?) to hightail it out of town. The Republicans sent the cops after them so that the could attain a quorum but the miscreants made to a Best Western in Illinois, outside Wisconsin jurisdiction.

Teapartiers found out where the socialists were holed up and chased them out. They are now tailing the bus of socialists wherever they go, which is reportedly back in Wisconsin.

You cannot make this up.

This story is awesome what is awesome!!!

UPDATE: AWOL Wisconsin Dems call in to CNN with their list of demands. This is the craziest story ever. And it seems to be getting crazier.