I guess the new civility doesn’t apply to people who volunteer for Planned Parenthood.

NBC Connecticut reports:

A threat an elderly Guilford is accused of making over Planned Parenthood funding doesn’t quite jibe with recent efforts to be more civil in political discourse.

The woman is accused of threatening to castrate a politician who wants to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, the New Haven Register reports.

The FBI went to the woman’s home on Norton Road on Tuesday afternoon, after receiving a report of the phone call threat.

The woman is in her 80s and used to volunteer for Planned Parenthood, police told the newspaper. It’s unclear which politician she threatened.

The police did pay her a visit but she was pretty ancient so they didn’t arrest her. I’m wondering though if because of these threats we could possibly get police enforced bubble zones around pro-life politicians private parts since they’re threatening to castrate them. You know, make it that pro-choicers can’t come with nine feet of pro-life politicians privates or else they could be arrested. Hey quid pro quo, right?

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