In what has to be the stupidest idea the ACLU has ever had (and that’s really saying something) they ultra liberal organization is now encouraging women to incorporate their uterus. Yeah, that’s what I said. Incorporate their uterus.

The ACLU’s reason? Republicans only wanna’ tell women what to do while they always want to deregulate business. Aren’t they clever?

The Daily Caller writes”

So much for encouraging female entrepreneurship, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida is trying to get women to incorporate their uteri … or is it uteruses?

The Florida ACLU is hoping its push will get women to take control of their reproductive health and keep politicians from taking their abortion rights.

“Businesses get special treatment these days,” the group said. “If lawmakers and other politicians see your uterus and your body as a business, maybe they’ll work to get government out of the uterus regulation business as they do for every other company.”

Abortion advocates say that social conservatives in Florida are attempting to usurp women’s reproductive rights and that applying business terms to body parts will somehow help stop Republicans’ pro-life effort.

But the idea that Big Government never tells business what to do is a bit off. Uhm?

Won’t that lead to taxing women’s utereses? Environmental regulations to protect indigenous populations?

But maybe they could decide their uterus is too big to fail and they could have Obama take it over. Oh wait, they might actually like that. ick.

But hey maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe we could unionize babies in the womb. Give them some legal recourse to being expelled.

But in the end this is just ACLU stupidity. Or is that redundant?