This is kinda’ weird. As big fans of Adam Baldwin and “Chuck” this is pretty interesting. I missed this on Monday but I plan to watch it this week when I don’t have kids around. Deadline reports:

After a 10-year hunt, who thought we would catch Osama bin Laden anytime soon? The producers of NBC’s Chuck certainly didn’t as they had a case of very unfortunate timing with a scene in tonight’s episode. Airing less than 24 hours after the news of bin Laden’s killing, the episode featured former Marine John Casey (Adam Baldwin) heading for a shooting range with his “favorite target” in hand, a picture of bin Laden with big targets on his forehead and chest (the latter is hard to see from my screen grab.) By eerie coincidence, bin Laden was reportedly killed with two shots: one to the head and one to the chest. Unless this wasn’t a coincidence but the human Intersect at work …

Hey, if I were going after someone I’d pick Casey to help.

Here’s the vid from TVLine: