A video is out that seems to be from Fr. Corapi saying that he’s quitting the priesthood. New Advent has the link above the fold. This would be a heartbreaking turn of events.

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Some suspect that this isn’t actually Fr. Corapi. There does seem to be some issues with the audio. But check it out. Let me know. If it’s a fraud, it’s a pretty good one that someone went to a lot of trouble to put up. If it’s true it’s really sad.

Update: Yeah, it seems like it’s him. There’s a link to his new site from Fr.Corapi.com

His new site is theblacksheepdog.us

Update2: I gotta’ tell you watching it again I can’t help but think it’s kinda’ icky that he used this message to plug a new venture -this blacksheepdog thing. Am I right? Isn’t that a bit icky after all this talk and prayer to have this.

I feel kinda’ like Ralphie from a Christmas story who after waiting forever for a message from Annie all he got was a crummy commercial “Be Sure to drink your ovaltine.

Update: See Patrick’s first reactions to the news….