Nothing celebrates the baby Jesus’ birthday like a little thievery.

I came across this list of the most shop lifted items at Christmas time. (ht Instapundit)

I have to say, this is a pretty discriminating class of thieves. So many of these things are things I would shoplift if I shoplifted.

1. Filet mignonSo many people are tucking choice cuts of meats under their jackets that supermarkets are now considered the stores with the most theft.

2. Jameson

Those with an unquenchable thirst for booze just help themselves to a free bottle of expensive liquor.

3. Electric tools
Apparently the the most common items men nab are electric toothbrushes and power tools. At least they’re fighting cavities.

4. iPhone 4
Electronics like smartphones and video games are high risk items, and one research group claims 100,000 laptops are stolen annually from big box stores.

5. Gillette Mach 4

Anyone who uses non-disposable razors knows they’re pretty expensive, so in tough financial times people don’t want to pay for them anymore.

8. Let’s Rock Elmo
The Sesame Street toy topped the Toys’R’Us “Hot Toys” list this year, so parents are stealing this must-have toy for their kids if they can’t afford it.

Stealing Elmo. Sounds like an independent film. Look, I get using the five finger discount for some filets and some whiskey and even the Iphone. But razors and electric toothbrushes? C’mon people.

Jesus always said he could come as a thief in the night.