The way they tell it, Roe v. Wade is all about the right to choose. Choose what? Abortion of course. But now the pro-aborts are steaming that a lawyer has the temerity that it also allows someone to choose life.

Anti-choice activists have been working hard across the country to pass parental permission and notification laws for pregnant teens seeking abortions, including tightening up teen’s abilities to use judicial bypass to obtain an abortion without informing their parents.

So it’s not very often that you hear a “pro-life” legal team arguing about a teen’s reproductive choice mattering more than what her parents think. Or using Roe v. Wade as an argument in their arsenal.

But that’s what is happening in Texas, where a 14-year-old girl is seeking a long term restraining order against her parents, who want her to have an abortion. The teen, as well as her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s mother, want her to continue the pregnancy and have the baby. And the Texas Center for Defense of Life is helping the teen to try and make that happen.

Lemme quote one p.o.’d pro-abort. “But if she wants to continue the pregnancy, all she has to do is ask an anti-abortion activist to help out, and suddenly they are all about her right to choose.” Ain’t that something? Is it possible that when they yell about choice, they don’t really mean it? Roe v. Wade, good for the goose, good for the gander.

ht Pewsitter.