Might you do me a favor? Today at the National Catholic Register I opine about the natural and Christian justice that sometimes accompanies a good Christian smack in the head. I would be ever so grateful if you would take the time to read it and tell me what you think.

Two very different stories got me thinking about the very valuable nature of a good smack upside the head. The first story is about the last Catholic high school in the US has finally done away with corporal punishment. The other about a very rude person who got his comeuppance.

Oh, I know that in our enlightened society, hitting anyone for any reason whatsoever is considered the height of barbarism. It is a wondrous thing that a society such as ours which routinely sacrifices its young at the altar of convenience without raising an eyebrow can still be so rigorous in observing the proprieties, no? And while hitting is not the answer to everything and oft abused, perhaps a zero tolerance policy is not the answer. Perhaps sometimes a good smack, punch, or cuffing is the right thing to do, and sometimes perhaps even a mercy.

For sure there are abuses, so stipulated. But maybe all hitting is not bad.

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