This is just a reminder of what I said about Newt just one month ago when he was topping polls in Iowa and nation wide.

Look, Newt is a smart fella and I can even relegate the marital peccadilloes to the past, but Newt is still Newt.

Romney will disappoint me, I know that. But Newt can/will destroy us (conservatives). Newt will blow up, either as a candidate or as a President and he will take the entire conservative movement with him. His hubris and his flightiness will end up alienating just about everyone. You know how I know this? Because that is what Newt always does.

While he had successes as Speaker, he ended up the most unpopular figure in the country, both left and right. As a pundit, he has done the same thing. And as a candidate, the same thing. Newt blows up. That is what Newt does.

The only things that blow up more reliably than Newt are Iranian nuclear scientists.