We are in a war. It is not a war of our choosing, but a war upon us none the less. And if we choose to act as if we are not at war, we will lose. We can pray for the end to war, but if we choose not to fight, we will lose. Prayer cannot help those who refuse to engage in the battle.

The word war seems like the exclusive domain of hyperbole, nobody really does war anymore after all. But whether we like to admit or or not, we are at war. War has been declared on us, open war. The only question is whether we have the will to fight.

I do not choose my words lightly. This is war, a war declared by the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, militantly secularist Obama administration. And I worry whether or not we have the will to win.

The battle over the HHS contraception mandate is the latest battle in a war in which the primary tactic of the enemy is to more and more narrowly re-define freedom of religion as freedom of worship and as something you do in for one hour inside four walls. The rest of the time, you must worship the state.

This is where the soft tyranny of big government turns hard. This may well be the defining moment.

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