Besides Eli Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, doing it again, AGAIN, there wasn’t much interesting in terms of the ads.

I like the commercial with the graduate who thinks his parents got him a car, that was pretty good (and filmed about 5 minutes from where I work) but the rest was blah. I mean how many bikinis can you look at?

But there was something that grabbed my attention. An ad for a new television show starring the awesome Jason Isaacs with as wild a premise as I have seen. I will definitely check it out next month.

Here is the preview for Awake. Isaacs plays a detective who after a terrible car crash goes to sleep and wakes up in two realities. In one, his wife died and his son lived. And in the other, his son died and his wife lived. He cannot tell which is reality and which is the dream. This has potential.