Voting isn’t as easy as you might think.

Each election cycle, you can expect Catholics with different points of view telling other Catholics for whom they should vote. You will also see Catholics telling some Catholics for whom they may not vote. Some bloggers will tell you it is this way, that way or the highway. This is an annual pastime of the Catholic blogosphere, so I thought I might have my say about the principles which guide my vote.

Let me repeat this again at the outset. These are my opinions and my opinions only. I do not speak for the Catholic Church, yet. Let me also say that I have good friends, both in and out of the blogosphere that will vehemently disagree with some of my thoughts. I respect them, I just disagree with them and hope that in time with counseling and a good med regime, they will come to understand how right I am. Enough preamble, let’s get to it.

You are not electing the Pope. In any election…

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