Susan G. Komen almost cut off funding to Planned Parenthood. They relented under enormous pressure. But that’s not good enough for pro-abortion Catholic Joe Biden who’s turning his back on Komen.

And while Biden sometimes says things on his own, be assured that he’s not acting on his own here.

The Daily Beast reports:

As the Susan G. Komen foundation gears up for its most high-profile event of the year, its Global Race for the Cure in Washington, Vice President Joe Biden will not be hosting a kickoff barbecue for the annual D.C. race, as he and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, have done in previous years.

Meanwhile, U.S. Congressman Mike Honda, who formed a team for the race last year that raised more than $10,000—making him the top fundraiser on Capitol Hill—told The Daily Beast that he will not be participating this year, linking the decision to Komen’s move to cut funds to Planned Parenthood earlier this year amid pressure from Catholic bishops.

The Komen foundation quickly reversed its Planned Parenthood decision amid a backlash, but it has struggled since then, with some Komen affiliates around the country reporting declines in participants at spring races and other fundraising events.

The Bidens cited a scheduling conflict for their decision not to host the kickoff for the June 2 event.

Rep. Honda’s office was critical of Komen, saying that while the congressman “supports the Susan G. Komen foundation’s vital work,” he also “believes that Komen must act to rebuild trust with all its partners,” according to communications director Jack d’Annibale. “Komen must act to ensure its work benefits all women. Congressman Honda was the first member of Congress to call on Komen to reverse its Planned Parenthood decision, and he will remain vigilant for any attempt to use partisan politics to derail the urgent mission to defeat cancer and protect the health of women everywhere,” d’Annibale said.

Think about this. Republicans are waging a war on women? The White House is refusing to support breast cancer research because they threatened not paying homage to Planned Parenthood. Think about how sick that is for a moment.

Killing babies is the highest priority for these people.