What do you do when you have created 18 extra IVF embryos and you don’t want to destroy them or give them away to just anyone?  You put them on Craigslist of course!  From WhoTV.com:

After struggling for years to have children the McCrea family had their prayers answered, and then some, thanks to In Vitro Fertilization. Now the family is sharing their extra blessings….

Deb had nearly signed on the dotted line to donate those leftover 18 embryos to a fertility clinic, but something just didn’t seem right.

“When my daughter was born, I went months and months just thinking I just don`t want to sign, I`m just not ready to sign them yet,” Deb explained, “I don`t want to give up that right to see pictures of that child and compare that child to ours, and see what they would have looked like and if they`re healthy and happy, so I always kind of pushed them to the side on the counter.”

So Deb took matters into her own hands, with the goal of fulfilling her other dream of surrogacy- in a different way.

“One day I was just looking on Craigslist and I saw that they had a discussion forum, “ said Deb McCrea, “and I thought why don`t I look on here and see if there`s anybody that`s in that process right now that might be interested in donating and having more of an open adoption of the embryos.”

Just hours after posting, Deb received her first response from a lady in San Francisco, and the interest kept growing from there.

“I think one thing that surprised me was how many people that there really are out there that are looking for something like this. So it really surprised me the response she got after she posted that,” said Kevin McCrea.

Deb then drew up paperwork detailing how this “open adoption” would work. The couple receiving the embryos would be required to give the McCrea’s a picture and update on the child or children every year. Ideally, the McCrea’s would like to be involved in the children’s lives as much as possible…. 

The McCrea’s have chosen 2 couples, one in Chicago and one in Florida, and have given them 9 embryos each. The couple in Florida is planning a pregnancy try on May 10th and the couple in Chicago is planning for some time in June.

Imagine knowing that your biological parents made way too many offspring in a lab, didn’t want you themselves and so found some adoptive parents for you on Craigslist.  And it’s Catholics who have crazy ideas about procreation?

Hat tip: BioEdge

Rebecca Taylor blogs at Mary Meets Dolly