I’m sitting here in the waiting room of a hospital, waiting for my wife to get out of surgery. It’s not life threatening or anything but I prayed the rosary and all sorts of other prayers anyway. So as I was all prayed out after two hours I was kinda’ all prayed out. I didn’t bother praying for her galbladder as I’m pretty sure it’s already out by now.

So I started looking around. Waiting rooms are amazing places. I was sitting here when a woman (about 58-60 years old?) received news that her husband’s surgery was unsuccesful and that he’d be going back into surgery later this afternoon. The doctor had a thick accent and he kept talking about “dyeing” certain areas to see what was wrong but she kept misunderstanding him. I was like “dude, pick a different word.”

Every time he said it, her eyes went wide and her back stiffened. But the doctor just kept rambling on. I’m sure he’s doing his best and he’s probably tired as well but just open your eyes for a moment. She finally learned that her husband was going to have a catheter-like thing for at least a few weeks. This upset her greatly. She cried about how active he was and how negative he was and how this was going to push him over the edge. She talked about how they had a vacation planned.

The this woman tries to call her kids after the doctor leaves and nobody picked up the phone and then she knocked her soda off the counter all over the floor. I honestly thought she was going to lose it…but she didn’t. She whispered, “God give me strength” and then she went and found paper towels. I came over to help her clean up when the nurse came over and said she could see him.

She looked down at the mess and then at me. I told her I didn’t mind. She should go. And she was off. So I cleaned up the soda. And…then as I was cleaning up I lost my seat so I ambled over to this computer here and started telling you guys about me sitting in the waiting room.

I think I’ll go back to praying.