Commerce ranking member Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) went after Republicans hardcore…by accusing them of murder. Seriously.

Yelping about a Republican plan to bring down the price of gas, Waxman called the legislation is a “monstrosity,” a “Trojan horse,” an “all-out assault” on the environment and a “massive giveaway” to the oil industry that would not lower gas prices by “one cent,” Waxman said.

And then he dropped a real gem by saying that Republicans are “getting away — literally — with murder” because of their record on the environment.

Seriously? Murder?

In other news, Democratic Gov. John Lynch vetoed a bill banning partial birth abortions.

Lynch said the bill was too onerous and “potentially life-threatening” because it would require that a second, independent physician verify the abortion should take place and be exempt from the ban because the mother’s life is at risk.

Maybe Dems just don’t understand what murder is?

Lower gas prices is….not murder. Ripping full term babies apart limb from limb is. Come on. It’s really not that difficult.

Ht Weasel Zippers