The Pew Research Center reports that belief in God has dropped among those born after 1980. I think much of that is the “cool” factor surrounding atheism nowadays. Let’s face it, atheists get an awful lot of good press nowadays. You don’t need to watch television long to see how Christians are represented.

And add on top of that the fact that so many colleges and universities have become secularism factories whose product is 22 year old liberal atheists.

It’s a weird thing about the way the increase in secularism is reported. It’s as if there are no consequences to such a major shift in our country. But isn’t there a heavy price to pay for such a change?

Nietzsche said, “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.”

The problem is that when you kill God, He’s usually only the first of a larger body count. See: Nazis, Communists, and Socialists.

Jeffrey Kuhner writes:

For centuries, human beings understood that the purpose of life was to submit to God’s will and the natural laws of the universe. Since the 19th century, however, Western elites have sought to create a godless society. Socialism, fascism, Nazism, communism, collectivism and New Age liberalism — all are ideological offshoots of the same idea: achieving utopia on earth through man’s rebellion against the divine moral order. The result has been a sustained, relentless assault upon religious faith, especially Christianity. Europe, the cradle of Western Christendom, has become a secular wasteland — decadent, hedonistic and in spiritual and demographic decline. Having jettisoned God, Europeans are turning to statism and sex to fill the void.

Hmmm…growing government and a sex saturated culture. Thank goodness we’re not there yet, huh?