A Russian fisherman discovered four blue unmarked barrels of aborted babies in a forest in the Ural Mountains, according to news reports. Just dumped there with the barrel lids popped off.

It’s believed that the unborn babies were all under 12 weeks so it’s likely they were aborted legally and probably come from several separate clinics. So it’s likely that police will be asking questions of the company responsible for “disposal of bio-medical waste” as NBC called the dead babies.

But as much as the news reports all carefully refer to the babies as fetuses or “bio-medical waste” it’s interesting to note in the news report what the regular person quoted in the story said.

Resident Sergei Tvritinov told state television that his friend spotted the barrels while fishing.

“He ran into some water canisters and wanted to take them home, but when he came closer he saw little baby bodies,” Tveritinov said.

Here’s the report from Russia Today via Gateway Pundit. Notice how the reporter seems intent on switching the horror from actually finding dead babies in the woods to concerns about them being used for stem cell research. If the unborn are being used for research that too would be horrible but can we please just for a second deal with the horror that 248 little human beings were inhumanely just dumped in the woods like…well…like bio-medical waste: