*subhead*What time is it?*subhead*

You know what drives me crazy? When people say, “Well, you can’t turn the clock back” about some issue like abortion or gay marriage.

Underlying this cliche is the assumption that some vision of liberal utopia will eventually win because it represents progress – good or bad. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Some constantly accuse Christians of trying to turn the clock back on women, on gays, on contraception or whatever.

The truth is that what they mean when they say “you can’t turn back the clock” is that they don’t want to see a return to Christianity for our secularized culture. But we know that the Church is both the foundational building block of Western civilization and the future. If we fail to make Christianity the basis of our future I fear Western civilization will cease to exist. And by saying so, I’m not trying to turn the clock back. I’m simply trying to point out what time it is.