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Jack Phillips sells a lot of cakes. But one cake he refused to sell has brought the tolerance thugs to his door, pitchforks and torches at the ready.

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – …The owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood refused to bake a wedding cake for a local gay couple and now people are pushing a boycott against the owner.

Shop owner Jack Phillips probably didn’t think he was going to be wading into a civil rights debate a week ago when he told the gay couple that he would not make a cake for their wedding, but that’s exactly what has happened.

“If gays come in and want to order birthday cakes or any cakes for any occasion, graduations, or whatever, I have no prejudice against that whatsoever,” Phillips said. “It’s just the wedding cake, not the people, not their lifestyle.”

Some customers said they are now ordering cakes at the shop specifically because of the stance against gay marriage.

“We would close down that bakery before we closed our beliefs, so that may be what it comes to … we’ll see,” Phillips said.

So far, this case is different from Chick-Fil-A as these are protests and choices of consumers to either buy or not to buy from Mr. Phillips and the government is not trying to impose any sanctions. But this is a growing problem. More and more we will see these types of protests and more and more we will see sympathetic pols use the power of government to cajole and sanction those businesses that refuse to bend over for the gay agenda.

For my part, I will be in Lakewood in a few weeks and I will make sure I stop by the shop, order some goodies, and thank him for making a stand.