Remember the good old days when the Democrat Party was just anti-baby. Well, not anymore. Now it seems they’re ready to announce that they’re anti-the whole entire family.

The Politico reports that the Democrat party platform drafting committee is set to recommend language in the party’s platform expressing support for same sex “marriage.”

Aren’t these folks concerned of the impact that the destruction of the family will have on this country? More at risk children, more kids hungry, more kids not having two parents at home? More people who will need government programs to survive. Ah, isn’t that really the crux? The destruction of family means more Democrats so therefore it’s a good, right?

In fact, it’s not even controversial for them.

The effort to include gay marriage in the platform gained increased momentum after President Barack Obama announced in May that his views on the issue had changed to support legalization.

“I don’t think that we had any issues that were controversial,” one member of the committee said Monday. “I think we were pretty much in sync and in agreement with where we ended up.”

I guess once you come out as anti-baby, anti-family does seem kinda’ uncontroversial, huh?