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An announcement from the Canadian Medical Association is just dumb and anti-science.

I know us pro-lifers are always accused of being anti-science Neanderthals but this announcement from the medical community can’t be classified as head scratching material because we all know exactly why they said it (it’s politics) but it is truly anti-science.

Life News reports:

Concerned about the renewal of an abortion debate in Canada, the delegates to the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general council meeting yesterday made a head-scratching determination: babies are not human beings until after birth.

Seemingly following the warped and twisted thinking of philosophers like Peter Singer, who supports infanticide, the doctors supported keeping the standard in place in Canada that doesn’t regard unborn children as people until birth.

What are they then?

This is just so political and so anti-science I’m actually stunned. And it takes a lot to stun me. I’ve got five kids who say dumb things like it’s their job. Yet, none of them have said anything as dumb as this at least within the past few days.

I called Father Tom Lynch, National director of Priests for Life in Canada, and he told me he too was stunned by the announcement. “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” he said. “It’s bad medicine, bad science, and pure politicking.”

He made a great point when he asked about doctors who specialize in pre-natal health. “Do they treat people other than human beings just because they’re pre-born?”

“They should be ashamed of themselves,” he said.

Some thing tells me they won’t be.