*subhead*Myth of pro-life Dems.*subhead*

A Democratic committee has rejected efforts to broaden the party’s platform in order to acknowledge and welcome “differing positions” on the issue of abortion, according to The Catholic News Agency.

This comes as a surprise to nobody on Earth. Wasn’t the myth of the pro-life Democrat kinda’ exposed when all those supposedly pro-life Dems voted for Obamacare?

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats For Life of America, told CNA that this refusal is such a shame because there’s just oodles of pro-life support within the Democratic Party.

But at some point if that’s true they have to abandon the Party of Death. If they don’t, they’re not actually PRO-life. They’re just Democrats who have vague notions that abortion is kinda’ bad but if they’re listing issues important to them, abortion probably doesn’t crack the top five.

It’s getting harder and harder to believe that Democrats for Life are actually for life, it seems to me that they’re just for Democrats.